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“You didn’t learn to ride a bike in a workshop” (Sandler) – finding the right entrepreneurial mentor, training, program or entrepreneurship course is often the difference between success and failure.

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Case Studies

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EcoShop, a small business in the e-commerce sector, carved a niche by focusing on sustainability.

Leveraging digital marketing and a strong value proposition, they connected with eco-conscious consumers. Their growth hacking strategies led to a scalable e-commerce platform, emphasizing customer acquisition through personalized experiences. EcoShop's success story is a testament to aligning business models with evolving consumer values.

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CodeCraft, a tech startup, began in a modest incubator space.

With a focus on developing a minimum viable product, the founders bootstrapped their way, reinvesting early revenues back into the business. Their strategic partnership with larger tech firms for mentorship and networking propelled CodeCraft into a competitive position in the market, demonstrating the effectiveness of resourcefulness in entrepreneurship.

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EduEmpower, a startup focused on social entrepreneurship, addressed educational disparities.

By developing scalable educational tools and securing strategic partnerships with NGOs, they expanded their reach. Their business model, centered on social impact and sustainability, attracted impact investors, demonstrating the potential of entrepreneurship to drive social change.

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StyleTech, a FashionTech startup, blended high fashion with cutting-edge technology.

Their focus on creating a unique brand personality and leveraging e-commerce platforms led to a significant online presence. The startup's scalability and innovative business model attracted venture capitalists, showcasing the fusion of fashion and technology in creating a new entrepreneurial venture.


What our clients say

"Conversion Essentials has been a revelation in my digital marketing journey. The clarity and depth of their answers to complex questions have not only enhanced my understanding but also transformed how I approach digital marketing.
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David L. Wilson
"Working with Dr. Greg Watson and the Entrepreneurship Essentials team has been a game-changer for my entrepreneurial journey. Their answers to my burning questions were not only insightful but helped me navigate complex concepts with ease"
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Nellie A. Carpenter
"I first connected with Dr. Watson at the University of Arizona where he taught ENTR521R Corporate Entrepreneurship"
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Kelly Hayes
"Participating in the [Innovation and Venturing Essentials] program has been a transformative experience for me"
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Frederick M. Hall
"Greg helped me find paying customers which allowed me to successfully bootstrap my business"
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Gloria Sanbria
"Participating in the Leadership and Team Development program was a game-changer for our startup. Dr. Greg Watson's insights and strategies transformed how we approach leadership within our rapidly growing team."
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Tashina Qualey

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