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Our Mission

Entrepreneurship Essentials’ mission is to empower a diverse, global community of visionaries by transforming entrepreneurial dreams into reality, revitalizing regions through innovation, and creating a supportive mosaic for individuals from all walks of life.

Who Are We

... our roots go back into the early 80s...

… when one of our founders first businesses was acquired. He launched his business from a college dorm room when there was no community, no support, and noone to guide you …

Our Story

Welcome to Entrepreneurship Essentials: Where Vision Meets Action

At Entrepreneurship Essentials, our mission is to cultivate the world’s premier entrepreneurial community. This isn’t just any community; it’s a dynamic, nurturing environment where every resource necessary for innovation and business creation is at your fingertips. Our goal is to empower both individuals and corporations to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Imagine a place where untapped entrepreneurial potential is not just recognized but actively nurtured. That’s what Entrepreneurship Essentials is all about. We’re more than just a network; we’re a global, experience-rich ecosystem. Here, aspiring entrepreneurs, startup founders, seasoned mentors, business advisors, service providers, corporate innovators, and investors of all stripes come together.

Our community is fortified with everything you need for success: collaborative workspaces, cutting-edge entrepreneurial programs and events, essential business tools, enabling technology, and a support system dedicated to your success. We’re not just building businesses; we’re crafting a thriving environment where each member’s success contributes to the collective triumph.

As Entrepreneurship Essentials expands, we’re not just growing our community; we’re transforming cities and regions that have been overlooked in the entrepreneurial landscape. Our expansion means turning these areas into bustling hubs of business innovation, job creation, and groundbreaking activity. This transformation isn’t just about business growth; it’s about enhancing the social and economic fabric of these communities, making a lasting impact on the lives of their members.

Join us at Entrepreneurship Essentials, where your entrepreneurial journey is our priority, and together, we’ll turn visions into remarkable realities.


Our People

Meet the team

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Executive Director

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Greg Watson

Research Director/Mentor

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Dawn Lovern

Community Associate


Life at Entrepreneurship Essentials

This is what us apart ...

"Entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of economic sustainability and growth."

“Entrepreneurship encompasses more than just launching new businesses; it includes the innovation and growth within existing companies. An entrepreneur can be anyone from an aspiring founder to a seasoned business owner, an innovator, or an executive seeking capital for starting a new venture, launching a novel product, or expanding a successful business line.”

“A vast, largely untapped realm of potential exists in cities and regions where ‘founder personalities’ and emerging corporate innovators have not yet experienced the benefits of a true entrepreneurial community, with its synergies, connections, and opportunities still waiting to be fully realized and harnessed.”

“The spirit of founding and innovating knows no demographic limits, and the pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams is a fundamental right that should be accessible to everyone.”

“Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey can often be solitary, yet there are tangible advantages when entrepreneurs and innovators have access to a community that fosters interaction, mutual support, and dynamic collaboration.”

“Establishing an entrepreneurial community that encompasses the essential elements – individuals, resources, capital, and support – is crucial in guiding founders and innovators from concept to successful ventures, as they define it, and serves as both a catalyst and a true indicator of entrepreneurial achievement.”



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