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NACCE: Realizing a Fully Functional Start-UP Community

As NACCE 2024 fund/SHIFT approaches, Dr. Greg Watson will be presenting Breakout Session #1 – Realizing a Fully Functional Start-Up Community. A national speaker on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education, Dr Watson is a serial entrepreneur and former director of the center for teaching and learning. As co-chair of the #5 ranked Entrepreneurship New Venture Development program – he lead a mentor team overseeing student entrepreneurial ventures from the ideation stage to value proposition to validation to launch.

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Juniper Foods restores growth

Industry Insight: Juniper Foods’ Strategic Revival Post-COVID – A Case Study in Entrepreneurial Resilience In this in-depth case study, we explore the strategic revival of Juniper Foods. This company faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic but emerged stronger through innovative strategies and expert guidance. The Pre-COVID Scenario: Juniper Foods, once a thriving business with

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Entrepreneur Definition and Characteristics

Definition of Successful Entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneurship is not merely about starting a business. It involves the identification and exploitation of opportunities, the creation of value, and the ability to innovate and adapt. Successful entrepreneurs are often characterized by their resilience, creativity, and ability to take calculated risks. They are able to identify and seize opportunities that others may overlook, and they have the determination and skill to turn those opportunities into profitable ventures.

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